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Solar UPS
Solar UPS

Brainy ECO Solar Home UPS

1100VA/12V - 1600VA/24V

Brainy Eco – The Best Solar Inverter For Your Home

Su-kam has recently added a new product to its ever expanding solar product list. 
This new Solar Home UPS is laced with an intelligent technology that takes it to a greater 
level as compared to its counterparts. Su-kam’s Brainy Eco is extraordinary in all respects.

What is Brainy Eco?
Brainy Eco is a Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Home UPS. This is a UPS with a brain. 
Yes, you heard it right. It has solar priority, intelligent charging sharing, ATC, Powerful 
battery charging at 90V, and variable battery charging through mains. Isn’t it great?

14 Awesome Features That Makes Brainy Eco The Best And Smartest Solar Inverter

Automatic Temperature Compensation: Brainy Eco is equipped with ATC technology. 
Temperature can have major effects on the battery life of an inverter. During winters, the 
electrolyte contracts, that means Specific Gravity increases, so the boost charging voltage 
has to be increased. During summers, the electrolyte of the battery becomes more fluid, 
which means that the Specific Gravity decreases so the boost charging voltage has to be 
decreased. This is done through the smart ATC feature in Sukam's Brainy Eco inverter. 
It can increase the battery life up to 6 months.

Back Feed Protection Feature: To ensure that the inverter and the battery work efficiently, 
Brainy Eco has an inbuilt back feed protection feature. This keeps the battery safe from 
any damage and also stops the back flow of the voltage that keeps the battery unharmed.

Dip Switches: The back panel has many dip switches with which the user can personalise 
the settings to suit his/her needs

Automatic Bypass Feature: The amazing Automatic Bypass feature in Brainy Eco ensures 
that even after any internal problem in UPS, the inverter turns on the load bypassing the 
Mains without any glitches. Wiring is no longer a worry too and thus, the customer needs 
not to be dependent on any electrician for the basic repairs.

Charging Sharing: Intelligent customers choose an intelligent inverter. For the first time 
in India, Brainy Eco comes with a unique charge sharing feature. This means that it sends 
out the right amount of charge to the battery so that it can work efficiently and stay protected.

Enable/Disable Grid Charging: Now with Brainy Eco, the customer has an upper hand and 
can choose what he needs. The customer can now select if he wants to charge the inverter 
through the grid or not just with the help of a small switch.

Priority To Solar For Charging: This comes across as the most important feature of Brainy 
Eco. This home UPS gives priority to solar for charging. During day time, you can charge the 
battery through solar panels and even run your load. This saves the electricity, and reduces 
your electricity bills. 

Protection Against High Current: Brainy Eco protects itself against high current too. 
This means that when the current passed in the system crosses the default limit, the 
LED blinks and the charging stops ensuring that the system stays protected. The system
restarts properly after 5 minutes. 

Protection Against High Voltage: Brainy Eco protects itself against high voltage too. 
This means that when the voltage (from the solar panels) in the system is detected to be 
more than the set voltage, the LED blinks and the charging immediately stops ensuring 
that the system stays protected. The system starts working properly when the voltage 
reaches the set voltage.

PV Reverse Protection: Brainy Eco has a PV Reverse Protection feature. This protection 
makes sure that even if the solar panel wires are by mistake reversely connected, the system 
stays unharmed. Once the wiring is corrected, the system starts working automatically and 
thus, stays safe against any probable damages.

Protection Against Short Circuits: Ever heard of an inverter that stays unharmed even in 
case of a short circuit? Yes, Brainy Eco is protected against almost all harms, one of them 
being short circuits. Once the short circuit is repaired, the system starts working like before.

Control The Presence Of Grid According To Your Need: Now you can customize the inverter 
options suiting your requirements. You can choose when you want to switch to grid charging to 
get the best power back up solutions. Solar Priority is usually selected where power cuts are less.

Cost Efficient: It is fully cost efficient as it is a hybrid home UPS. With solar panels, Brainy 
Eco can generate electricity through the renewable source of energy, that is, the sun. Therefore, 
the electricity bill are highly reduced.Priority To Solar For Charging

Stylish Looks: Lastly, Brainy Eco looks super stylish and classy. Its bright color makes it 
stand out and it would look beautiful placed in the corner of your home

Model Qty N.W/G.W L×W×H (mm)
1100VA/12V DC 1 11.5/12 Kg 750*400*390
1600VA/24V DC 1 17/17.75 Kg 510*415*495